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Letting go doesn’t mean we don’t care

but that we’re at ease with our life.

Imagine you’re in a quiet meadow on a lazy summer day with sunlight filtering through the trees, birds singing, a breeze gently rustling the leaves overhead, worries forgotten, fears discarded, nothing to do save be at peace, at ease. To be at ease is to attain freedom from mental constraints, to be composed yet flexible, content yet happy, still yet aware, relaxed yet secure. We achieve ease when we cease avoiding anything we deem unpleasant and grasping everything we are convinced will make us happy. It is the state we attain when we let go of wanting the world and everything in it to conform to our preferences and expectations. No longer struggling, moaning, railing and whinging, we settle into quiet, contented happiness. All this is just a taste of what we will permanently experience when we attain the supreme and perfect enlightenment of Buddhahood: “Great Ease.”

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