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If others ask for your opinion, 

respectfully give it. 

If they do not ask, 

respectfully keep it to yourself.

Voicing our opinions isn’t difficult. Doing it all the time, we’ve mastered that skill. Voicing them at the right time is what we have pretty much failed to get a handle on. The right time occurs when others have either asked us to do so or indicated in some way how our views would be welcomed. But if we voice our thoughts in a disrespectful, overwhelming manner, our invitation to speak freely may be quickly rescinded. Offering a viewpoint should be just that—an offering. We should extend our idea as respectfully as we proffer water and flowers to a Buddha. We don’t thrust flowers at a Buddha image or plunk them down and leave. We offer with appreciation, grateful for the opportunity. We should offer our viewpoints in the same way, for the truth is that someone wanting our opinion is rare. Very few people do.

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