When chanting “Amituofo” and a wandering arises . . . (Click image for video)


Learn to have wisdom

by observing those who are


Unawakened beings perceive themselves as the center of their universe. Viewing their thoughts as real and their body as who they are, they further assume that objects can be possessed and relationships will last forever.

But, inevitably, fear creeps in.

Might a close relationship turn sour?

What if a prized object is lost? Or stolen?

What if their body—who they are—becomes sick? Or incapacitated? Attached to everything people know and have, fear permeates all they experience. Once again, these aren’t people worthy of emulation. Instead of being tainted by worry, we want to eliminate our fear by calming our mind. With a calm mind, wisdom will arise. With wisdom, we will know our body is only a vehicle used for a lifetime. This body isn’t “I.”

Nothing can be possessed.

Nothing is ours to lose.

When we practice to awaken, we will know there is nothing to fear.



The sincere mind has no wandering thoughts (Click image for video)


Learn to have meditative concentration

by observing those who are


Unmindful of what they are doing, oblivious to the looming consequences, heedless people drift through life unable to focus on tasks, whether assigned or chosen. Worse, sensing the potential benefits of having a more spiritual quest, they either haven’t picked one or, having done so, haven’t learned how to attain it. Even worse, they chose an objective and know how to achieve it, but lack the will to do the necessary work.

And so, they pretty much continue drifting from task to task, half-hearted and unfocused.

Now consider a person—us—who focuses on his or her current task. Endeavoring to complete things the best we can and believing in the importance of our spiritual practice, we can now determine how best to accomplish the practice.

Now equipped with a generous heart, principled approach to life, patience, and diligence, we can settle down to our true work: attaining meditative concentration.