Affinities from past lives 

are not bound by form or appearance. 

How many times have you met someone and instantly liked him? Or someone else you immediately disliked. Both people had smiled at you, but your response to each was very different. What’s going on here? You just ran into an old karmic affinity in the first instance and an enmity in the second.

Your store consciousness recognized theirs and, in a flash, old feelings about them arose within you. But this does not apply only to humans. Consider the cat who always seeks our company and whom we feel a deep affection for; the dog that growls only at us; the squirrel who eats contentedly from our hand. Consider also two distinct animals, normally hunter and prey, romping together like best friends.

We are reacting from karmic relationships, good and bad ones, just as the animals are. Developed over past lifetimes, these relationships are not bound by form or even the current path of existence.

Yet another reason to respect all beings.



Although others may cause us pain, we can control our suffering (Click image for video)


Bodhisattva come to teach us?

Or just an incredibly annoying person? 

We all know her. She’s the one who happily informs us that we’re doing something incorrectly. In front of others.

The one who commends our good work to others. Then humbly adds that she was the one who talked us into doing it.

The one who describes her memory as faultless, but gets the facts of what we accomplished wrong.

It sure feels like an incredibly annoying person, right?

Maybe not. Granted, the odds of meeting a bodhisattva are pretty slim. But the reality is that we can’t be sure. Bodhisattvas know what we need to learn. And they teach us. Things like patience in the face of frustrating circumstances. Or knowing what is truly important as opposed to what soothes our ego. Or the benefits of remaining quiet because defending ourselves would result in animosity, not the truth revealed.

With wisdom, even that annoying person can serve as our personal bodhisattva. It all depends on what we tell ourselves.

Which could be the best teaching of all.