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Seek wisdom, 

not knowledge.

Knowledge comprises the facts and ideas acquired from external sources through experience, observation, and learning. Wisdom, our innate prajna, is that which already lies deep within our true nature. With prajna, we simply know. Imagine getting caught without an umbrella when it suddenly begins to rain. We wouldn’t stand in the pouring rain analyzing our various options. We’d run for cover! Prajna wisdom is this natural. While knowledge comes to us from varied sources, prajna arises when the mind is tranquil. How? As our mind calms down, prajna bubbles up to the surface of our mind and functions. At first, almost at the same moment, as soon as our bubble of wisdom arises it bursts. But with continued meditation—for us, chanting the Buddha-name—wisdom will arise more often and function longer. Eventually, wisdom will no longer recede. Continuously functioning from it, we will have become a Buddha.

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