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entails giving up that which has little value

to attain that which is invaluable.

 Let’s be honest, letting go of sensory indulgence can sound so, well, Spartan. And having spent years bettering our lives only to abandon the things now making it enjoyable feels so, well, illogical. Relax. Our goal is a level of joy we have yet to realize, not deprivation. What we discard are attachments to the phenomena cluttering our lifetimes in samsara. We shed our attachments because they bring us, at most, mere fleeting pleasure. In effect, our happiness caused by something yesterday will turn to sorrow tomorrow when its condition is no longer present. Compared to endless joy, momentary pleasure does not hold much value. Admittedly, it takes a lot of letting go to attain infinite joy. But we don’t have to wait to start benefitting from our efforts. Bit by bit, as we progress in letting go, we will realize a hitherto unknown sense of ease and fulfillment. 

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