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Minding one’s own business 

is often not a lack of caring,

but of acting prudently.

Before voicing our views or interceding in something we witness or hear about, we should first determine whether to even involve ourselves. Sound callous? Not really, because much of what transpires isn’t our personal concern, isn’t our business. Regardless, we often have opinions regarding the mistakes the participants have made and in what manner they should rectify what they’ve done. But instead of declaring our views to all and sundry, we should ask ourselves some questions. Am I responsible in some way for the welfare of those involved? Do I share any accountability for what is now happening? Have I done or failed to do something that brought those involved to this point? In other words, is it my place to intercede? If we lack the wisdom to know the answers to these questions, might we not also lack the wisdom to intervene wisely?

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