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When praised for an accomplishment, 

remember to feel grateful to all those 

who helped you succeed.

One of our fundamental afflictions is thinking that we have an independent self, that what we achieve is due to our own efforts. Such thinking leads to other afflictions, including arrogance and pride. But while we may have put forth much effort, we can’t claim all the credit. Or even most of it. Our parents gave us life, our teachers guided us, friends encouraged us, fellow practitioners reassured us, co-workers challenged us, exemplars inspired us, family members nudged us, enemies drove us. People built the schools and buildings we study, work, and live in. Others provided the food that sustains us. In no way are we independent. We are joined body, spirit, and mind with all those who formed us, inseparably linked to everything and everyone we have been or continue to be a part of and interact with. Any accomplishments we have belong to all of them as well. Be grateful for their presence. 

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