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Do not judge others for their choices. 

They may be doing better with their options 

than we are with ours. 

Visualize a man and a woman standing in a supermarket check-out line on a snowy winter day.

The man, drinking coffee from his thermos, is buying conventionally-grown frozen corn, frozen raspberries, dry beans, and day-old bread.

The woman has organic corn-on-the-cob, mangoes, wild-raised salmon, still warm Ciabatta bread, and sips a latte from the coffee shop.

Looking at the man’s shopping basket, she congratulates herself on her superior choices. But the man selected produce listed by the EWG as safe to buy non-organic; US-grown fruit frozen when fresh; inexpensive, high protein food; whole wheat bread baked only one day ago, and his organic fair-trade coffee was made at home. The woman chose an out-of-season vegetable, imported fruit, expensive protein, white bread, and non-fair-trade coffee in a single-use cup.

We need to pay attention to our own choices, not those of others.

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