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Adorn yourself not with the gems of this world 

but with those of the Western Pure Land. 

In samsara, people have long adorned themselves and their dwellings with precious metals and gems. The more good fortune they had, the more wealth they acquired, the more gold, silver, etc. they could amass.

Precious metals and gems, including gold, silver, lapis lazuli, and crystal, exist in the Western Pure Land too. But in that land, they are enjoyed by all and are not mere compounded elements. In that land, they are virtues. Arising from Amitabha Buddha’s mind and the minds of all the beings there, the virtues are so prolific they manifest everywhere. 

Which virtues?

Permanence, which occurs when beings use their pure mind.

Joy, which arises from practicing and learning daily.

True self, which is to control one’s thoughts and, thus, attain great freedom.

And purity, the mind free of attachments.

Why seek to possess physical gems for a few brief years, when in the Pure Land, we will permanently attain real gems?

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