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When pursuing something enjoyable, remember 

“All phenomena are illusory.”

When avoiding something unpleasant, remember 

“All phenomena are illusory.” 

Most of us spend a great deal of time chasing what we believe will make us happy and evading what we fear will cause us suffering. But in fact, both chasing and evading cause suffering.

In Buddhism, we learn that all phenomena—all things, events, relationships—are unreal and impermanent. Good times and favorable conditions are not real because they don’t last. Thankfully, the same applies to bad times and unfavorable conditions.

Even though we may understand the principle, when we have yet to embrace the reality that nothing here in samsara continues forever, we will continue to suffer. If we accept that phenomena are always in flux and stop trying to force everything to conform to our wishes, we will stop struggling.

Struggling causes the suffering.

Acceptance and patience ease the suffering.

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