Buddhism is like an immense mountain with 84,000 paths leading to the peak. (Click image for video)


With every breath we take, 
we are one breath 
closer to the Pure Land.

Incredible! Our being born in the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Joy is not a matter of “if”. It’s a question of “when.” Having stepped onto the Pure Land path, we can dawdle as we become distracted by all the phenomena we encounter. And by the way, since we’re still here in samsara, this is clearly what we’ve done for far too long. Or, we can leap ahead.

Since our goal has been determined—and our belief, vow, and practice assure us of reaching it—the only unknown is how long we will take to get there. It’s a matter of choice. We make the wrong choice every time we become distracted by daily events, every time we opt for short-lived enjoyment, or fall prey to old habits. Distracted every time we focus on where we’ve been instead of what lies ahead, of making that leap forward.

When in despair of reaching that goal, remember: with every breath, we’re closer to the Pure Land.



Strive to detect thoughts the instant they arise, before speaking or acting. (Click image for video)



Different doesn’t mean wrong.

Thousands of years ago, only trusting those who looked like you could have saved your life.

Strangers, people who looked different, might well kill you. Reasonable in light of how they too had been taught not to trust those who didn’t look like them. So with survival the foremost concern, humans had a good reason to distrust anyone first, outside their family; then, their clan; and, in time, their village.
Gradually, distrust embedded itself in our DNA and store consciousness. In dangerous times and circumstances, such distrust was understandable. But most of us now live in a very different world.

Distrusting others because they appear different doesn’t save us; it eviscerate us and crushes others. Why?

Differentiating arises from dualism: me vs. them. It personifies ego attachment: I’m right, so whatever they think and do is wrong. It shows ignorance of causality: if they gain, I lose. It robs others of happiness; gives fear, not fearlessness; kills hope.

It holds the ultimate power to destroy he who destroys.