I resolve to refrain from greed. 

Instead, I will open my heart 

and practice giving. 

It’s easy to give in to greed when we feel we’re the center of the universe.

It’s this skewed perspective that is contributing to our problems today. Problems faced by far too many people. Unawakened, we picture everything from the viewpoint of “I.” This will only end up in us expecting the world to conform to our wishes.

But what if we all wish for the hopes of others to be met before our own.

For instance, let’s imagine there are one hundred people in a room with several tubs of vegan ice cream. When everyone scrambles to dig in, there will be chaos. Some people will fill their bowls with ice cream. Others will end up with nothing in theirs.

But if everyone in the room puts the longing of others before their own, everyone will have a share. There will be one hundred happy ice cream eaters. Why? Because all hopes are met. Opening the door to their hearts is making everyone truly happy.



With expectations, the most beautiful rose will prove . . . (Click image for video)


I resolve not to use enticing speech. 

Instead, I will speak 

sincerely and truthfully. 

Enticing speech is all around us: on the Internet, TV, movies, music, billboards. It’s at lunch with co-workers and behind us in the check-out lane.

It’s used by companies wanting to increase their bottom line regardless of the cost to society or the environment. Desperate to remain in power, they sow lies to perpetuate fear and greed.

It’s resorted to by individuals placing their own desires before those of their target. Enticing speech is all the speech that lures us to do lesser things. Not vigilant enough, we succumb. Subtle or obvious, polished or crude, enticing speech misleads us.

It distracts us from what is truly important: living an honorable life, helping others, and attaining a good rebirth. Often finding ourselves on the receiving end of enticing speech we know how it feels. We need to guard against using it on others.

Enticing speech is a weapon. One we should disdain, and never reach for.