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When about to tell others your Dharma door

is better than theirs,

remember, “That’s their choice.”

We all have our unique combination of roots, habits, causes, and conditions. Knowing this, the Buddha compassionately taught 84,000 Dharma doors. If a person has good fortune, she will intuitively find the most suitable method for her to practice. Just as, hopefully, others too will be fortunate enough to be drawn to the method best suited to their previously developed roots and current abilities. Having made our choices, we need to respect those of others. If one method were perfect for everyone, the Buddha would have taught just that one. He didn’t. Until we uncover a lot more of our wisdom and eliminate a lot more of our ignorance, we won’t know which method is most suitable for different people. Attempting to convince them to abandon their practice for ours runs the risk of leaving them confused, frustrated, and abandoning Buddhism. Rather than instigate that, we need to accept—and respect—their choice.

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