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Bad habits, like weeds,

should be pulled out when detected.

Left alone, 

they will rapidly grow out of control.

Any gardener with bad habits would most likely find himself hard pressed to say which grows out of control faster: the weeds or his habits. Both are sown out of sight, a threat to the future but not the present. As they first appear, both weeds and habits seem so trifling that unless we are wary, and experienced, the pesky things hardly seem worth bothering about. We can eliminate them another day. No big deal. As they develop, we tell ourselves we need to do something before they multiply. But still, we do nothing. Until one day, amazed, we realize those minor irritations have not only thrived but also taken over. And worse, they are now, like Medusa’s snakes, so intertwined that we find it almost impossible to tell where one begins and another ends. Where to begin! Note to self: When such pests are spotted, pluck them out!

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