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I resolve not to use divisive speech. 

Instead, I will speak words that 

foster harmony and understanding. 

Divisive speech is that which causes discord among people. Whether we do so intentionally or unintentionally, whether we are telling the truth or not, we’re sowing the seeds for friction between people.

Why would we do this?

Perhaps we’re in a bad mood.

Perhaps we’re feeling disheartened and are thus careless of who we strike out at.

Perhaps we’re jealous of a relationship, even to the point of wanting to destroy it.

Perhaps we heard some gossip about an acquaintance and just can’t resist the urge to pass it on to others in our circle.

Perhaps we feel that belittling our competition to our boss will better our chances of getting a promotion.

We have plenty of reasons. But divisive words are cruel, careless, and destructive. They are not the words of a caring, purposeful person. Instead, we need to speak truthfully and prudently in a way that nurtures accord and fosters understanding between people.

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