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If it’s so easy, why am I still here?

(Part One) 

Of all the methods the Buddha taught, Pure Land Buddhism is said to be the “easiest to practice.” Those unfamiliar with the practice may get excited on hearing this. At last! An easy method! Not so fast there. Yes, compared to other Dharma doors, Pure Land is indeed the simplest and easiest.

But not easy! “Easiest” refers to buddha-name chanting. From the moment we begin our practice to the moment Amitabha Buddha comes to escort us to the Western Pure Land, we chant his name. There is no need for a teacher to monitor our progress step by step, assessing us to guide us to the next level. We just chant Amitabha’s name. So the practice is truly the easiest.

But! We need to chant single-mindedly, with no other thoughts arising. This is the “not easy” part. Anyone who has tried to hold just one thought in their mind knows how slippery thoughts are.

So, while the method is the easiest, the practice takes dedication.

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