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Do we stop at the first thought? 

Or plunge on to the second? 

The very instant we perceive something, we give rise to a first thought. For example, the moment we see a bowl of fruit, we clearly know that we are looking at a bowl with fruit in it. Now if we were awakened, we’d stop here—at the first thought.

Since we’re not awakened, we’re on to a second thought—in a flash.

And a third thought.

And a fourth.

While an awakened being would perceive the items with one or more of the five senses, know what is being perceived, and stop there, we plunge right on. Labeling our perceptions, we give rise to discriminatory thoughts. We segregate them to Pleasant or Unpleasant, Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down. We then attach to certain things and dismiss others. And without realizing what is happening, due to our myriad discriminations and attachments, we blunder into the land of wandering thoughts.

All thanks to that unawakened second thought.

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