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Self-discipline gets us 

from where we are 

to where we want to be. 

Let’s consider self-discipline from two aspects.

First, everyday self-discipline will help us accomplish what we want to with less frustration and disappointment. It’s a tool we can use when we don’t feel like doing something and want to put it off. Again. With self-discipline, we take ourselves by the proverbial lapels, look ourselves in the eye, and say “Nope. You’ll do it now.” Once we accomplish what we have to do, we will feel good.

Second, moral self-discipline will help us navigate through the mire of situations and relationships we encounter on a daily basis. By having a moral compass—for example, the precepts of no killing, no stealing, and no false speech—we will have the means to check our bearings to make sure we’re headed in the right direction. That we’re not getting lead astray again by our bad habits.

Getting quickly back on track will mean we’ll arrive at our destination sooner.

And with less pain.

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