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When we stop fussing about things, 

they go much more smoothly! 

It’s exhausting! All that time and energy we expend on fussing about the daily annoyances we encounter. It’s just too much and all a big waste. We know this. And yet here we are, still grumbling.

Why do I keep having to fix his mistakes?

Won’t she ever learn?

Do they think their time is more valuable than mine?

It becomes a contest between which is more tiring. Fixing the mess? Or fussing about it?

Upon consideration, it’s really not much of a contest. Fussing wins, hands down. But it doesn’t accomplish anything. Point 1: We can whinge all we want, but we still have to fix what the other person messed up. Oops! Let’s make that “We still need to fix what the person needs help with.” Point 2: That correcting will take longer because when we’re fussing, we’re not doing the task. Just wasting time and energy.

We should just tell ourselves that in the past we must have driven a co-worker crazy. If we see it as retribution, our now focused mind can calmly complete the work. 

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