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Practice letting go now without hesitation. 

When it becomes a habit, 

we will find letting go at the end of our life easy. 

We hear it often: “Let go.” Of what? Everything.

Our personal views. Our likes and aversions. Our greed, anger ignorance, and arrogance. And in time, our body.

Maybe, having already let go of a few attachments, we’ve realized that we do indeed feel less burdened. But letting go is proving to be a real struggle. Not yet a habit, it was neither natural nor easy. But with practice, it can be. This is vital because if we have trouble letting go now, imagine what we’ll be going through at the end of our life.

The more we practice something, the more proficient we become. We need to keep reminding ourselves that letting go is not depriving ourselves. It’s knowing what’s really important. Attachments and fleeting pleasures? Or the attainment of infinite wondrous benefits? Practice letting go now.

So when Amitabha comes to guide us to the Pure Land we do not hesitate, for we will already know how to let go. 

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