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Care about the person, 

not their heedless comment. 

As beings trying to awaken, we strive to be patient, accepting, and caring. Along with many other qualities, all of which are equally invaluable. And equally difficult to do.

If we are fortunate, we will know others who, like us, are working to improve themselves.

Like us, they often fail. Like us, they speak without thinking.

And just like ours, their careless words hurt.

But don’t let them. We can love and care about others while letting go of the heedless things they say. Odds are they’ve spoken hurtful words many times. The sad reality here in samsara is that, caught up in an emotional moment, we usually respond with harsh words. Chaotic thoughts careen through our minds, and we cannot catch our words fast enough before they are uttered. Others do the same thing. So why should we get upset over what they heedlessly said? They probably didn’t think about what they were saying.

And would be very grateful if we didn’t think of them either.

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