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Every minute listening to the Dharma 

is one less minute of harmful thoughts. 

Those of us who have tried to calm our mind with chanting have very likely experienced the barrage of thoughts streaming through it. To make matters worse, most of those thoughts are neither loving nor compassionate. They do not arise from gratitude or contentment. No, they’re triggered by destructive habits like worry, anger, jealousy, fear, and frustration.

When trying to meditate, we can become aware of such harmful thoughts.

But what about when we’re doing everyday tasks?

In our routine state of mental overload coupled with being occupied physically, we fail to detect what’s happening. Little wonder, we don’t notice all the damaging seeds we keep planting in our store consciousness.

What’s a person to do?

Listen to the Dharma! Every single second that our mind is engrossed in the Dharma, untold numbers of detrimental thoughts are averted and their perilous seeds never sown.

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