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Nurture good seeds

to overwhelm the bad. 

The honeysuckle shrub can grow so tightly compacted that even the most persistent weeds cannot invade it. The plant stands untouched, forestalling any attempted incursion.We can only imagine the stamina of the seeds, the tenacity of the roots that enable the plant to remain impregnable.

Imagine if we planted Amituofo seeds with the same vitality, not in our backyard, but in our mind.

And then we supported those seeds by planting more and more of them.

In time, those seeds would grow, their once-shallow roots becoming strong. Provided with the right conditions through our cultivation and mental weeding of bad habits, our Amituofo seeds would thrive. In time, like those of the honeysuckle, our good roots would forestall any incursion.

Our garden will bloom, our fruit of birth in the Pure Land will mature.

Finally, we go home.

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