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Wanting something is not enough.

We need the right conditions.

As much as we wish for something to happen, without the right circumstances, it can’t.

What we now have or lack, what we enjoy or suffer, all came about due to our past thoughts and actions. The same principle will hold for tomorrow. There’s no magic wand to wave; it’s all up to us. Now we need to purposely apply the principle to our life.

For example, wishing to find a Buddhist master to learn from is not enough unless we are unbelievably fortunate and our newly arisen wish coincides with the necessary conditions. In that case, finding our master occurs naturally, not unlike a chain of falling dominoes. Lacking such incredible good timing, such good fortune, we need to create the necessary conditions by learning and practicing where we are. When possible, we can also attend retreats.

Having patiently and diligently created our conditions, in time, we will meet the master.

And intuitively know—this is the one.

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