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It can be a fine line between 

appreciation and attachment. 

And as with all fine lines, easy to slip from the good side to the one we hope to avoid.

The deciding factor? Craving. Desire. Missing something when it’s absent, like the morning triple-shot latte we had during that rush project at work. Wanting it to not end when it’s present, like an evening spent listening to our favorite music at a summer concert.

Think of attachments as failing to accord, of not being satisfied with the current situation. They’re unfulfilled wishes, which is the seventh of the eight sufferings. And they can be difficult to detect because it cane be a really fine line between them and sincere appreciation.

But since attachments lead to suffering we do need to detect them. And so we need to observe our thoughts. When we fix our morning coffee do thoughts of lattes arise? Does our usual simple cup now seem less satisfactory? Do we start checking prices online for that Nespresso machine everyone’s talking about?

If so, we’ve slipped over that line.

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