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Chanting with a focused mind and with sincerity,

the vitality of the seed planted will be strong. 

Chanting with a wandering mind or with reluctance,

the vitality of our seed will be weak. 

Planting Amituofo seeds in our eighth consciousness is akin to planting bean seeds in a garden.

If we view our gardening task as a burden, we’ll end up inattentive and careless. Very likely the bean plants will not thrive. But if we attentively plant those seeds, we can have strong healthy plants.

Planting Amituofo seeds works the same way.

Chanting with a focused, dedicated mind, our properly planted Amituofo seeds will grow strong and firm. As we keep planting more seeds, they’ll begin to overwhelm all the selfish seeds we already planted. Not just in this lifetime, but in lifetimes lived since time immemorial. Birth as a human is incredibly rare.

The chance of being born as a human who can chant “Amituofo” is beyond imagining. We need to get busy.

We need to focus and sincerely chant planting seed after seed after seed.

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