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—favorable and unfavorable—

provide practice opportunities.

When life is going well, our complacency often emerges. We’re too busy enjoying our good fortune to think of increasing it, too happy to think of ending others’ suffering. When things are not going well, we can feel so overwhelmed by events that cultivating to attain a future goal seems irrelevant compared to surviving the day unscathed. But all circumstances are suitable for practice. For example, when in danger, we cultivate a calm mind. In fearful times, we practice giving others courage as well as letting go of our attachment to ego. When others are enraged, we strive to engender patience to help diffuse the anger. When everything is going well, we exercise humility and gratitude. While enjoying happy occasions, we compassionately strive to help others find joy as well. And always, whether times are good or bad, we chant “Amituofo.”

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