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Not only should we do what is right,

we need to do so correctly.

What are some incorrect ways? One is to envisage a coveted outcome. This invariably sets us up for disappointment since things rarely turn out as we anticipate. Another is to act egoistically. Perhaps we dream of succeeding where many have failed. No one need not know, we just long to hear that inner voice: “Yes! I knew I could do it!” Or possibly we do indeed imagine others congratulating us. How can we avoid such pitfalls? Just as a horse with blinders on his bridle is forced to focus on what lies ahead, we concentrate on our goal. Thus focused, our aspiration to do what is right becomes free of expectations and ego. We seek to do something for one reason: it’s the right thing to do. Personal views, fame, success do not matter. We do our best hoping conditions will provide fertile ground in which the seeds of our aspirations can take root, and maybe, just maybe, even grow a little. 

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