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All too easily, 

harmless indulgences can become addictions.  

That cup of coffee in the morning to get us going, dinner at our favorite restaurant to celebrate good news, the weekend get-away to mark a difficult job we’ve just completed. Harmless indulgences? Or something else? The coffee, special dinner, get-away seem so innocent. And they can be if we do not become dependent on them. But if we feel we can’t function without the coffee, can’t relax after finishing a job without the usual dinner or weekend away, we’re in trouble.

Addictions or not just for addicts.

When a harmless indulgence morphs into something we can’t function without, when it seems our good news and finished job remain incomplete and somehow diminished without the reward, that we’re still wanting, then we’ve slipped over the line. We’ve left enjoying something to feeling unable to move on without it. We’ve upped the level of the reward to where, very soon, we’ll need more.

We’ve entered our own little world of addiction.

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