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Don’t judge others. 

First, we don’t understand enough.

Fairly judging someone would require us to know the karmic trail the individual had laid down over countless lifetimes to establish why she acted as she just did.

We’d also need to know the karmic sequence of all those involved to ascertain the causes and consequences that contributed to the event we are attempting to judge.

All this is beyond our abilities at this point in our practice. Which is okay because it’s rarely our place, or responsibility, to judge others, a fact we tend to overlook most of the time. Unless the pronouncement were to arise naturally from our innate prajna wisdom, from our ability to simply know and understand all that has transpired, we’d have to use discriminatory thoughts to reach it. But we’re supposed to eliminate, not wantonly increase, our discriminatory thoughts.

So, fortunately, we can restrict our judging inclinations to our own actions.

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