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Please don’t give me frustration. 

I have enough already, thank you.

When you suggest something to a person, pay heed to her response. Does she accept happily? Or unhappily? Perhaps she offers an alternative or declines with an explanation? If, upon having perceived a less than enthusiastic response you discuss other options with the person, any frustration that could have arisen will be amicably avoided. But what if you aren’t listening carefully? What if you’re so focused on your proposed plan that upon having heard a reasoned “No thank you,” you forge ahead with a minor change to your original suggestion. The person again demurs, further clarifying why she cannot accept. But, yet again, you once more tweak the plan and persevere in obtaining acceptance. The person, recognizing the railroad car of destiny barreling down the track, decides to accord with conditions and accepts. Gracefully, I might add. Maxim: Just as there is merit in offering, there is wisdom in accepting “No thank you.”

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