March 4, 2019
Venerable Wuling in Anger, Cultivation, Karma and Causality

A time to test

and a time to trust. 

After being warned by their parents not to touch a hot stove, some children may ignore the advice. But when the hand gets closer to a burner, the parent will be seen as wise. Hopefully, this will be enough for a doubting child to heed future parental warnings.

Other children may just trust the parent and do not need to test their advice.

Now grown up, we face advice from diverse sources. But the issue of trustworthiness still remains. Even in regards to the Buddha.Many of his teachings we can test.

Having learned that our karmas have results, we act mindfully and find that we face fewer problems.

Letting go of expectations, we have fewer disappointments.

Not giving in to anger, we are less disturbed.

Overall, we’re happier. What about the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Joy? There’s no hot-stove test for doubters of this place. At some point, one trusts a good teacher, someone who has diagnosed myriad problems and prescribed all the right treatments.

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