January 9, 2019
Venerable Wuling

View this world as a hotel 

where we are temporary guests. 

We’ve been advised to view the world as a hotel that we are visiting for a mere few days.

Since our time here is so brief, there’s no point in getting attached to the place. It’s not our home; it doesn’t belong to us. During our visit, we treat the facilities with respect—we keep our rooms clean, use only what we need, don’t bother the other guests, and make sure we leave everything in as good a condition as when we got here, or even better.

Since we’re just visiting, we won’t be taking anything with us because whatever we encounter will remain behind when we leave. If one of the other visitors needs help, we do whatever we can. But we don’t get attached. And we don’t have expectations for the lives of those we help because, being such short-term visitors, we have little time to make much of an impact.

Our plan is that in the future, once we get to our real home, we’ll come back often to truly help all those who are still staying at this hotel. 

Article originally appeared on a buddhist perspective (http://www.abuddhistperspective.org/).
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